Deviance describes an action or behaviour that violates social norms.

Concept of social Deviance :- 1) The literal meaning of the word 'Deviance' means breaking something or diverging from something. 2) therefore social deviance means breaking or diverging from social norms, values, rules and regulations. 3) social deviance refer to modes of action, which do not confirm to the norms or values held by most of the members of a group or society. 4) what is regarded as 'Deviance' is as widely variable as the norm and values are different in each colour and societies. Social Deviance a) Concept of social deviance b) Theories of social Deviance c) Functionalist Theory d) Conflict theory e) Forms of social Deviance Also ideas of social of social Deviance are challenged and change from one period to another. • For example, a woman choosing to become an astronaut as deviant just a few decades ago, but now it is an inspirational feat in the same. • there are four type of deviant members :- 1) Innovators 2) Ritualists 3) Retrealists 4) Rebels Explanations :- 1) Innovators - accept society's goals but reject the usual ways of achieving them. 2) Ritualists - reject culture goals but still accepts the institutionalized means of achieving them. 3) Retrealists - reject cultural goals as well as the institutionalized means of achieving them. 4) Rebels - Rebels may not reject culturally approved goals and the means of achieving them but they replace them with their own goals. *Functionalist Theory of social Deviance :- 1) functionalist theorists state that, the social control is necessary to control the unruly and Deviant members of the society. 2) but only reasonable force should be used to curb its tedencies. 3) However sometimes social Deviance also brings unity in the society and it changes the situation. hence sometimes it is necess as well . 4) Ex. if someone is making loud noises in the library, most of the members unite to shut him up. Conflict theory of social Deviance :- a) Conflict theory is the theory of deviance pf rebels or revolutionary members as explained earlier. b) conflict theorists believe that social Deviance is necessary to establish a new system and end the existing system which is dominated by the higher social class in the society c) The social class having higher social status can do litterally anything and still get away with it because they have setted up a system with loopholes for them. d) This class utilize these loopholes for increasing their influence in the society. e) Hence social Deviance is necessary to end the oppressive laws in the existing society and establish new society with new social norms and values. Form of social Deviance :- 1) Formal social Deviance 2) Informal social Deviance Forms social Deviance :- 1) Breaking the rules and norms set up the law. 2) such rules are codified, formal and they also mention punishment for breaking them. 3) Breaking traffic rules. Informal social Deviance:- 1) Breaking the rules and social norms that are set up the society. 2) Such rules are informed, personal and un-codified. 3) There are no rules for breaking informal social norms or values. 4) Ex.not respecting elders is a social Deviance but there is no punishment for that.


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