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Section 494 Of Indian Penal Code, Bigamy

Section 494 IPC, Bigamy Bigamy :- • it means the act of marrying while already married to another person. • The offence of bigamy or marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife is punishable under section 494 of the Penal code (S. 494) and under section 17 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Section 494 IPC reads as:- • Section 494.- Marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife.- Whoever having a husband or wife living, marries in any case in which such marriage is void by reason of its taking place during the life of such husband or wife, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine. • Exception.- This section does not extend to any person whose marriage with such husband or wife has been declared void by a court of competent jurisdiction, nor to any person who contracts a marriage during the life of a former husband or wife, if such husband or wife, at the time of the subs

Outraging Modesty Of Women

Section 354 - 1 to 5 years punishment , or with fine or both. presence/absence of consent of the woman is the deciding factor in this offence. who is woman ? Section 10 defines 'Man' and 'Woman' as a male and female human being respectively of any age. Modesty of woman - Modesty of a woman is a virtue attached to a woman owing to her 'sex'. Section 354 :- Outraging Modesty of Woman 1) A woman was assaulted or Criminal force was used against her. 2) The accused intended to outrage her modesty or know that her modesty was likely to be outraged. Section  354  IPC : Assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty :- Whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any woman, intending to outrage or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby outrage her modesty, [ shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than one year but which may extend to five years, and shall also be